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FFP #135 |04/13/2022| Freeky Five: Favorite D&D Sub-Classes

April 13, 2022

What are your Favorite D&D Sub-classes?

Let us know over at the FanFreeks Podcast Page or Twitter!


Join @DrRudeMD and  @CrowsDamned as they talk about the biggest and best sub-classes in all of Dungeons and Dragons in this Freeky Five: Favorite D&D Sub-Classes!


Freeky Five topic begins at: 00:59:41

Also in this episode;

  • Dr. Rude goes TICK, TICK, BOOM on The Dude's opinion as he welcomes a MOON KNIGHT 
  • Chris goes TURNING RED as he also TICK TICK BOOMs about rewriting his EVIL DEAD campaign while in APOLLO 10 1/2
  • Also in this episode; Evil Dead game, Ghostbusters game, The Crow re-rebooted again, Jane Foster's Thor Armor and more!


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