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FFP #139 |05/11/2022| Freeky Five: Favorite Mexican Characters

May 11, 2022

What are your Favorite Mexican Characters in Media?

Let us know over at the FanFreeks Podcast Page or Twitter!


Join @DrRudeMD and @AdrianDudliness as they discuss their favorite Mexican representations in media! 


Freeky Five topic begins at: 00:52:39

Also in this episode;

  • Dr. Rude follows a MANLYBADASS on Youtube and plays RUFFTIMES and BUDDYTALE and MORE INDIES 
  • Dr. Rude gives us his review on DR.STRANGE 2 with no spoilers!
  • The Dude gives his thoughts on THE FRENCH DISPATCH as I USED TO GO HERE in Kurosawa mode and finally watched SEVEN SAMURAI
  • Also in this episode; X-men 97 in the MCU? Predator Variant covers, a Weird Al movie and That 90's show


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