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FFP #138 |05/04/2022| Question of the Week: What Makes a Good DM?

May 4, 2022

What do you think makes a good DM?

Let us know over at the FanFreeks Podcast Page!


@DrRudeMD is joined by @CrowsDamned and special guest @Scxrlet64 as they look back at their own experiences as both DM and player and try to get down to the basics of what can make or break a Dungeons and Dragons experience.


Question of the Week topic begins at: 00:39:36

Also in this episode;

  • Rude visits NYC to see fellow villain Betelgeuse on stage and pays homage to Neal Adams
  • Crows of the Damned also finds himself IN SOUND MIND and the trailer for THE HATCHING has him ready to be a FIRESTARTER
  • Our special guest Scxrlet's Spider-senses tingle at the current state of MCU content and the pros and cons of bat eye shadow.


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