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FFP #136 |04/20/2022| Dream Team: Fictional Band

April 20, 2022

Which Characters in Media Will You Choose to Join a Band?

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Join @BoneKingTV, @AdrianDudliness @DrRudeMD as they create a Battle of the Bands contest with various fandoms to make each band that'll go all out and you decide who wins in this one and let us know which band you'd make.


Dream Team topic begins at: 00:48:00

Also in this episode;

  • Bone gets his ELDIN RING nomination while getting blessed by MOON KNIGHT 
  • Rude rewatches ARCANE and gets magical with the WITCHES OF EASTWICK
  • Dude survives to the end of BATTLE ROYALE waiting to get off on APOLLO 10 1/2
  • The Flash to end, Crimes of the Future, Kingdom Hearts 4 and more!


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