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FFP #106 |09/07/2021| Freeky Five: Best Kingdom Hearts Worlds

September 7, 2021


What's Your Freeky Five Best Worlds in Kingdom Hearts?

Let us know over at the FanFreeks Podcast Page or Twitter!


Join @BoneKingTV and @DrRudeMD as they hop into their gummi ships and lock a couple of planet's heart's (???) in their Freeky Five: Best Kingdom Hearts Worlds!


Freeky Five topic begins at: 00:50:10

Also in this episode;

  • Rude rethinks elimination shows with LEGO MASTERS and discusses DISCLOSURE
  • Bone repeats reality in THE SIMS 4 and watches the sun set on SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE
  • New Screens of the COWBOY BEBOP and RESIDENT EVIL movies, cut UMVC3 content, and the return of ABBA?


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