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FFP #105 |08/31/2021| The Case of: Resident Evil - Code: Veronica

August 31, 2021


What's your judgement on Code: Veronica's Gameplay?

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Join @BoneKingTV, @AdrianDudliness, and @DrRudeMD as they begin the trial of Resident Evil - Code: Veronica.
Does it's gameplay meet the standards it's siblings set? Or does it make you want to scream LET ME LIVE in frustration?


Case Of topic begins at: 00:58:00

Also in this episode;

  • Rude HUNTs.... That's it. 
  • Dude combats the ZOMBIE ARMY and brings his WRESTLING WRATH
  • Bone feels the burn in SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE and gets kinky with Pinhead in DEAD BY DAYLIGHT
  • COWBOY BEBOP live action photos, CANDYMAN trailer, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT loses Stranger Things, and a new SAINTS ROW


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