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FFP #104 |08/24/2021| Question of the Week: What Makes a Good “James Bond?”

August 24, 2021


What Do You Think Makes a Bond?

Let us know over at the FanFreeks Podcast Page!


Join @AdrianDudliness and @DrRudeMD as they discuss arguably the best super spy in cinema's history, storyboard Bond films with 0 prep, and our casting choices.


Question of the Week topic begins at: 00:54:30

Also in this episode;

  • Dude breaks down LONG HALLOWEEN parts 1 and 2, Once upon a time in Hollywood, and cries about VAL
  • Rude talks about FREE GUY and the terrible bad real final episode of BEASTARS
  • We also talk about OnlyFans and more Fallout 76 news?


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