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FFP #103 |08/17/2021| Reaction Review: The Suicide Squad

August 17, 2021


What did you think of The Suicide Squad?

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Join @BoneKingTV, @AdrianDudliness, and @DrRudeMD as they prepare for the impossible... a fun Suicide Squad movie? Find out if they pulled it off in our Reaction Review: The Suicide Squad.


Reaction Review topic begins at: 00:53:22

Also in this episode;

  • Rude HUNTs and MINECRAFTs with some BEASTARS
  • Dude HUNTs while listening to the JIM CORNETTE PODCAST
  • Bone goes BACK 4 BLOOD and gets musical with SIDEWAYS on Youtube
  • Idris Elba as Knuckles in SONIC MOVIE, AVATAR casting, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT's butt patch, and WHAT IF..?


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