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FFP #101 |08/03/2021| Freeky Five: Best Fallout Perks

August 3, 2021


What's Your Freeky Five Best Perks in Fallout?

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Join @BoneKingTV, @AdrianDudliness, and @DrRudeMD as they tell tall tales of their travels in the Wasteland and pick out their Freeky Five: Best Fallout Perks!


Freeky Five topic begins at: 01:11:30 

Also in this episode;

  • Dude chooses Bulbasaur in POKEMON BLUE and joins the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 
  • Rude introspects on THE MOVIES THAT MADE US... and SPACE JAM 2
  • Bone guides Gaygayming101 first time through RESIDENT EVIL 5 and some CAPCOM VS SNK: CARD FIGHTERS action
  • New Ghostbusters, Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney, New AWE Wrestlers, and cautious DEAD SPACE Remake.


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